A 54-year-old woman in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania was arrested this week after firing gunshots at a Burger King employee, CBS Pittsburgh reported Thursday.

The suspect, Mary Lou Check, allegedly fought with a clerk at the restaurant’s drive-thru window about a previous order. Becoming more and more agitated as the argument escalated, Check demanded free food from the employee before taking out a black handgun and firing a round into the window.

“As the employees moved to the rear of the building, Check pointed the gun out her van window and shouted out that she was going to shoot the employees,” the Morning Call reported, citing local law enforcement. “She fired through the window, which shattered, and a bullet struck the wall behind the counter, according to police. No one was injured.”

While Check fled the scene in her green mini-van, she was later apprehended some 17 miles away at the Cloud Crest Motel in Mt. Pocono for yet another shooting. According to CBS Pittsburgh, she fired the gun at a man staying at the motel, but missed and instead hit the gas tank of a car outside in the parking lot. Luckily, the gas tank did not explode, and again no one was hurt. Check is now reportedly being charged with “attempted homicide, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person.”

Though no weapons were fired, last month two brothers were arrested in North Versailles, Pennsylvania for allegedly selling heroin in a Burger King ball pit.

[via CBS PittsburghMorning Call]