A woman in Newfoundland, Canada called 911 this week to complain about a criminally miniscule amount of cheese on her pizza. Even in Canada—where last year the crime rate fell to its lowest level since 1969—911 is an emergency hotline, not a call center for delivery complaints, and authorities were not too pleased. 

"The individual had an issue with the company she bought the pizza from, and there wasn't enough cheese, and had approached the company and didn't like whatever response they had given," Geoff Higdon, a member of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, told the Canadian Press. "I'm not sure if by calling us they assumed there was some sort of action we could take, or what the situation was, but of course we advised the individual they just needed to speak with the manager of the company and not the police."​

The police station, which has a link to file non-emergency situations on its Twitter bio, tweeted about the incident on Friday. 

There's still no word on where the pizza came from, or if this woman was able to supplement the pie's cheesiness, but at least the "victim" is not alone in using 911 for non-emergency calls.

"People call our communications centre to complain about stuff they hear about on the radio that has nothing to do with police or justice or law or anything," Higdon said. "They call us to give an opinion. That one's common. There are radio open line shows and sometimes people call us instead of there."

According to the Telegraph, the issue extends across the pond as well, with England's Metropolitan Police Service fielding countless non-emergency queries each year. In recent memory, the Met Police have received millions and millions of "time-wasting" calls, with citizens complaining about everything from a cold kebab, to a London clown selling balloons for the exorbitant price of £5. 

Still, earlier this year, a woman from Hartford, Connecticut also called 911 to complain about a botched pizza order. The restaurant had offered to fix the order, but the woman had reportedly already eaten half of her unwanted pie. 

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