Few experiences are more masochistic than eating a Carolina Reaper. Clocking in at 2.2 million Scoville units—more than 100 times the strengths of the average jalapeño, according to Sploid—the world’s most brutal pepper is hot enough to make two champion chili-eaters weep like babies.

Given the Reaper’s reputation, most sane human beings try to stay as far away from the pepper as possible. Only a few, brave souls are unhinged enough to actually ingest Smokin’ Ed’s creation. But to be willing to vape one of the chilis—to knowingly inhale that kind of fire into one’s lungs—a man needs to have more than a couple screws loose. Enter: Russell Hawkins.

In a video posted to YouTube earlier this year, Hawkins can be seen packing his vaporizer with a liquefied form of the peppers, and mixing it in with chocolate cappuccino vape juice. The mustachioed man claims to grow the chilis himself, putting some Reaper in his coffee every morning, and repeatedly warns his viewers not to try this at home before taking a huge rip off his vape.

If anyone was wondering whether or not Hawkins survived the ordeal, he posted another video on Wednesday, this time snorting a line of crushed-up Carolina Reaper through each nostril.

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