Earlier this year, a waitress at Peter Chang's restaurant in Arlington, Virginia was fired after writing that a customer had a "small penis" on the man's check. Clearly, the phallus-shaming episode didn't serve as an effective cautionary tale, as waiters and waitresses continue to use receipts as an avenue to humiliate unsuspecting customers.

Now an eighteen-year-old server in Rhode Island has been fired this week for calling a customer "fatty" on the man's check, NBC 10 reported on Wednesday.

The customer, Dillon Arnold, posted a photo of the receipt to WJAR's Facebook page, saying that the restaurant, All Stars Bar & Grill in Warwick, had lost his business for good. 

The server's name has not been released, but the teenager was working for his father, Tony Ambrosio, who owns the restaurant. Not only did Ambrosio fire his own son, he also banned him from the the bar entirely, furious at his behavior.

"I want to apologize to you, Dillon. From the bottom of my heart. I apologize," Ambrosio told NBC 10. "That's not the type of person that I am, my employees are, or my child."

Ambrosio also apologized to Arnold in a comment on the customer's Facebook photo. "We take full accountability for what occurred and would like to make it up to you," he continued. "Please call me so I can offer you something for the inconvenience. This should not have happened and my staff will be dealt with right away."

Still, Arnold told NBC 10 that he's not exactly open to the restaurant's apologies. "He offered me a gift card, but I'd rather just not go there," he said. "It's just so embarrassing."

Ambrosio's son may be out of a summer job, but you'd think he would have learned his lesson from the flurry of inappropriate checks that have already gone viral this year. In February, a bartender was canned for calling a customer "extra fat" on her checkand in March an IHOP server was caught labeling customers as "black people" on their receipts. Don't these people realize they're working for tips? 

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