Back in May, while stopping in Texas on her current ANTI World Tour, Rihanna left her bartender a whopping 243 percent​ tip before heading to the strip club and dropping $15,000 dollars on dancers. Though the singer has long held the nickname Bad Gal RiRi—throwing shade at Steph Curry and rolling blunts on dudes bald headsRihanna knows how to take care of people.

On Wednesday, when it started to rain before the singer's show at V Festival in Manchester, UK, Rihanna once again took care of business. No, she didn't let fans stand under her umbrella, but she did send them 20 boxes of free pizza, along with a few towels to dry off with. The official Twitter account of the ANTI World Tour, which also live-tweeted the show, confirmed the news.

While a simple cheese pizza probably would have been enough to satisfy the rain-soaked fans, Rihanna went above and beyond, ordering Hawaiian and pepperoni as well. The pizza might have gotten a bit soggy, but fans huddled around the boxes in ponchos, clearly grateful after receiving the cheese-covered sustenance from their goddess. 

Later on, Rihanna surprised fans by bringing Drake onstage to perform "Work." What a woman. 

[via Teen Vogue]