After 11 years of business, and roughly 300 booming locations nationwide, Popeyes finally introduced its iconic biscuits to the menu in 1983. Over the years, as Popeyes has transformed into a not-so-guilty pleasure of celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain and David Chang, those flaky, mass-produced balls of dough have become one of the most celebrated items offered at the Louisiana-style fried-chicken chain. So, when a freak accident threatens to deprive Popeyes customers of their beloved biscuits, no matter where in the country the tragedy strikes, the world tends to take notice.

With this rich history in mind, we regret to inform you that a truck carrying 40,000 pounds of Popeye's biscuits reportedly flipped over while traveling on a Mississippi highway Wednesday morning.

Though the biscuits did not spill out of the overturned 18-wheeler, all 20 tons of cargo had to be unloaded and put in a new truck, Jeremy Magri, the assistant chief of the Picayune Police Department, told WLOX. And while no injuries were reported—and the biscuits seem to have also escaped unscathed—the truck driver and one passenger were taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

So far, June has been a dire month for trucks carrying various foodstuffs. Last Friday, a bread truck crushed into a deli meat truck on a New Jersey highway, creating a buffet-like spread on the road. 

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