Some sick culinary mastermind has just discovered the most shamelessly American dish in this country's great history: the Mountain Dew-infused hot dog. 

Proudly donning a red, white, and blue apron, Andy Smith, of the YouTube series Cooking With Andy, recently unveiled his twisted recipe for the classic cook-out staple. To create the Mountain Dew dogs, Andy first mixes beef, whole corn kernels, eggs, Crisco, and crunched up Doritos together in a glass baking dish. True to its name, the mixture is then drenched in "DEWshine"—Muntain Dew's "crystal-clear heartland elixir​"— to ensure optimal flavor.

"When your friends come over they're going to take a bite out of it, they're going to instantly know that this isn't Oscar Meyer, this isn't Nathan's, this is yours," Andy, who's also been known to bake Mountain Dew-flavored cupcakes, says in the video.

Though the meat has already been marinated in DEWshine, the real kicker to this recipe is that the hot dogs are then boiled in a bubbling vat of classic Mountain Dew. When the dogs are done, they should be a putrid shade of greenish brown.

Using Jiffy's "all-purpose" baking mix, Andy's hot dog buns have ketchup and mustard baked into them, and are slathered with a hearty dose of thick Velveeta cheese. 

"My best creation yet," Andy says with a smile. 

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, he might actually be on to something here. Still, Andy isn't the first mad scientist to incorporate the heavenly citrus flavor of Mountain Dew into various foodstuffs. Last year, the soda served as the inspiration for Buffalo Wild Wings' "Zesty Citrus Sauce," and in 2014, Frito Lay unveiled Mountain Dew-flavored Cheetos in Japan

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