It's been said that art imitates life, but isn't it about time we all admit that art really just imitates our favorite memes and rap lyrics?

Earlier this week, Nathan Wyburn, a UK-based artist who specializes in making celebrity portraits out of food, unveiled a new video of himself painting a picture of Eminem using canned pasta and tomato sauce. And while the Eminem portrait is perhaps the artist's most clever piece of work—riffing off the now infamous "vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti​" line from "Lose Yourself"—Wyburn has also made paintings of Colonel Sanders and Donald Trump using ketchup and Mexican food.

"I work a lot with unusual materials and in some way relate them to the celebrity portrait. When choosing a material of Eminem I thought of one of his biggest hits, 'Lose Yourself,'" Wyburn told First We Feast in an email Friday. "People always talk about and have made meme's about the "mom's spaghetti" line for years and it just seemed so fitting. And I love that it looks so foody and good enough to eat."

While the lyric has served as fodder for memes for years now, Eminem recently got in on the fun as well, releasing a "Mom's Spaghetti" t-shirt on his website for Mother's Day. 

[via Foodbeast]