As the U.S. inches closer and closer to election day on November 8, no issue is too small when it comes to vetting a presidential candidate’s ability to lead. While the race has already been defined by a number of high-profile meals—Donald Trump’s now-infamous taco bowl tweet, Bernie Sanders’ recent trip to In-N-Out Burger, Hillary Clinton’s passion for hot sauce—now, thanks to the financial site Dividend Mantra, we have an even clearer understanding of what foods are really driving each campaign.

“The issues are largely centered on climate change, police brutality against African-Americans, minimum wage, immigration restrictions, and religious liberty,” the site wrote in a recent blog post. “But there may be another factor pulling at voter heartstrings: their favorite candidate’s fast food of choice.”

Looking at campaign date from the Federal Election Commission, Dividend Mantra was able to determine exactly how much money each camp has spent at fast-food chains. Unsurprisingly, Trump’s restaurant of choice is McDonald’s, with the presumptive Republican nominee spending 29 percent of his campaign’s food budget at the Golden Arches for a total of $896.

In 2002, the Donald could be seen seeking business advice from Grimace, a purple puppet from the restaurant chain’s McDonaldland commercials, and earlier this month, after winning enough delegates to clinch the GOP nomination, the candidate celebrated with a Big Mac and fries.​

Despite surveillance footage of Clinton ordering at Chipotle last year, it appears her campaign actually prefers pizza to burritos. Clinton, who reportedly gained enough delegates last week to nab the Democratic nomination, has dropped $6,731 at Domino's so far this election cycle, accounting for 30 percent of her food budget.

Though the Democratic primary might be all but over, it’s been a close race at the Sanders’ camp when it comes to food spending, with the Vermont senator doling out a total of 32 percent of its budget on both Panera Bread and Dunkin Donuts.

Still, perhaps the most shocking discovery from the report concerns Mexican cuisine. Despite Trump’s controversial tweet professing his love for “Hispanics” and taco bowls, the candidate (who has long promised to build a wall dividing the U.S. and Mexico) spent a meager $668 on Mexican food. Clinton and Sanders both spent $4,982 and $8,294 on Mexican cuisine, respectively.

“As Trump, Clinton, and Sanders race for the presidency, there is no expense they won’t pay for fast food, from pizza to fries,” Dividend Mantra wrote. “Should their preferences sway the general voting population or weigh on their political platforms? Perhaps not. But the results do humanize them. Even presidential hopefuls have cravings.”

[via Dividend Mantra]