Over the years, as the NBA has become increasingly entwined with popular culture, most professional basketball teams have come to adopt their own unofficial celebrity mascots. For the Knicks, it’s been Spike Lee since the 1990s, taunting Reggie Miller from the sidelines as New York battled the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals. In Toronto, Drake has recently taken on the role of the Raptors’ hype-man, sitting courtside at the Air Canada Centre and trolling LeBron James on Instagram.

But so far, 2016 has been the Golden State Warriors’ year; the "Dubs" surpassed Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls with a record 73 wins, and defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder this week to advance to the NBA Finals. Fittingly, the team has perhaps the most valuable asset of all: the bleach-blond, frosty-tipped Mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri.

The chef’s illuminati-esque ability to spur the Warriors to victory is well-documented, but here, as Golden State prepares to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight, is a how-to manual for fanning-out like Fieri.