Skipping out on the check after dinner is never a smart idea. Earlier this year, two men from Brooklyn tried to get out paying a relatively meager $50 bill, and ended up accosting a police officer an going to jail. But if you feel like you absolutely have to dine-and-dash, one thing you should never do is leave your 10-year old daughter at the table to deal with the angry waitstaff. Well, that's exactly what one couple from Manitoba, Canada did this week after getting drunk and running out on a $135 check, CTV News reports

Police found the couple close by—hammered, of course—and arrested them, turning their daughter over to Child and Family Services. The 29-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman are set to appear in court in July on counts of "Food by Fraud."

While leaving one's child behind at a restaurant is inexcusable, the award for worst patron still goes to the man from Anaheim, California who ran over his waitress over an unpaid $45 bill. Still, the guy who tried to pull back-to-back dine-and-dashes at Disney World and got himself banned from "the Most Magical Place on Earth" is a close runner-up.

[via CTV News]