There was once a time when children could look forward to finding a toy at the bottom of their cereal boxes. But now, in a clear sign of the coming apocalypse, a 17-year-old girl from Glasgow, Scotland says an unwelcome surprise in a box of Rice Krispies is causing her to swear off Kellogg's for good.

In a recent interview with the Daily Record, Sehr Rafique claims she was pouring her cereal into a tupperware container Sunday morning when she discovered a dead bat wedged between the cardboard box and the plastic lining. When the bat spilled out, she let out a blood-curdling scream.

“I am scared of spiders as it is, so this terrified me,” she said. “I have never seen a bat up close, never mind one which I almost ate.”

The bat had allegedly begun to decompose in the box, but the “shrivelled-up, fur-covered creature” still had its wings intact. Sehr and her family claim they contacted Kellogg's about their discovery, but that the company only offered a voucher for a new box of cereal.

“It’s a bit of an insult to be offered another box of cereal when the complaint is about a box of cereal,” Sehr said. “Bats can carry all sorts of diseases. It’s not the sort of thing you expect to find in food.”

Later, in a statement to the Daily Record, Kellogg’s claimed it was still looking into the incident.

“Kellogg’s adheres to very strict food safety rules that ensure our products are of the highest quality,” a spokesperson said. "We are taking this complaint seriously and have been in constant contact with Ms Rafique.”

[via Daily Record]