Eating hot sauce can be a painful experience. Tony Yayo couldn’t take it. Mike Epps couldn’t take it. DJ Khaled really couldn’t take it. And now, for some ill-advised reason, a daycare in Arkansas apparently thinks a mini-Scoville challenge is an appropriate punishment for a child with special needs.

According to Us Weekly, Friendship Pediatric Services have been accused of forcing a four-year boy named Tanner to drink hot sauce after he hit a classmate last month. After being reprimanded, Tanner had to be picked up early from the daycare because he had a fever and was throwing up.

“He said, ‘I got hot sauce at school,'” Melaina Whitley, Tanner’s mother, told Us Weekly. “He said it was hot and he had to get water. I’m assuming that [the teacher] really had to force the hot sauce down.”

Apparently, there was laughter in the classroom after Tanner drank the hot sauce, but after the incident was over the boy was visibly shaken. Whitley responded by confronting her son’s teacher and then calling the police.

“He was upset and kept saying, ‘It’s not funny,” the boy’s mother said. “So maybe they were laughing when it happened. But I wasn’t laughing.”

According to the police report, Karla Curry, the director of Friendship Pediatric Services, admitted to dumping the hot sauce in Tanner’s mouth “for not listening and hitting other children,” and claimed this type of corporal punishment is “common discipline for children in her culture.”

Let’s just be happy Curry couldn’t get her hands on any Carolina Reapers.

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