When going out for Tex-Mex, chips and salsa should be like water and bread baskets: free and ubiquitous. When restaurants start charging a whopping $5 for these necessities—and giving customers the contentious choice between red and green salsa—chaos inevitably ensues.

This, according to Eater, is exactly what happened at El Paisano Mexican Restaurant in Dallas, Texas over the weekend, when a dispute over salsa roja and salsa verde erupted into a massive, all-consuming brawl.

Initially, the argument appeared to flare up between two groups of women. But in a matter of moments the majority of the restaurant’s customers are on their feet, hurling chairs, tables, and metal napkin dispensers at one another. Some of the salsa must have spilled during the dust-up, as patrons continue to slip and slide over the floor as they charge toward their targets.

The fracas was captured on camera by a man named Isael Rojas and later uploaded to Facebook, where the video currently has over 1.7 million views. The actual fight lasts a little over a minute, and for the majority of the time it appears to be one lone man in shorts against a group of attackers.

Ultimately, the battle ended without any arrests, according to Eater, and onlookers gawked at the carnage from the parking lot, remarking on how the lone salsa Spartan “had heart.”

[via Eater Dallas]