Teenagers have a pretty solid reputation for doing stupid things. Most of the time, juvenile delinquency results in a broken arm, a suspension from school, or a slap on the wrist from mom and dad. But, sometimes a teen lights a bag of chips on fire, and ends up burning down half a grocery store. 

According to Global News, a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old in Vaughan Ontario entered Longo's Supermarket on Weston Road (shout out to Drake) at 7:30 pm on Sunday, grabbed a bag of potato chips, lit it on fire, and placed it back on the shelf before running out of the store. Apparently, the combination of starch and oil found in potato chips is incredibly flammable, and the store erupted in flames in a matter of moments. 

"Literally we blinked twice and the whole aisle, the whole shelf area, is engulfed in flames," one witness said. "As soon as we saw the smoke that's when an employee yelled, 'Get the fire extinguisher!' As I said, within seconds it just expanded so quickly and that's when they yelled, 'Everyone get out!' I ran as fast I could to my car." 

"I think it's disgusting," she added. "I'm saddened by that. A prank ended up costing millions of dollars of damage." 

Tough no one was injured, the two suspects were found and could be charged with arson, as well as "disregard for human life," Munchies reports. And while their identities were originally not released, it appears the teens were of course wearing tank tops and board shorts at the time of the incident. 

Still, chips aren't the only foodstuff the can burn down a kitchen if handled incorrectly. Take a look at what happens when powdered sugar comes in contact with fire. 

[via Munchies]