For better or for worse, 2016 is shaping up to be a benchmark year for fast-food innovation. Last month, Taco Bell announced it would be selling its new fried chicken taco shells nationally, and so far this year Burger King has unveiled everything from grilled hot dogs, to red burger buns, to deep-fried chicken rings. But now, BK is starting to think even further outside the traditional confines of burgers and fries, reportedly testing a “Whopperrito” at a location in Hermitage, Pennsylvania.

According to Grub Grade, the fast-food chain has, in a stroke of genius, taken all of the ingredients from the classic Whopper—lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, American cheese, and beef—and simply wrapped it all up in a tortilla. If Taco Bell can fold any foodstuff in half and call it a taco, hell, why can’t Burger King roll up its burger and call it a burrito?


Whopper+Burrito = New Whopperrito from Burger King #fastfood #burgerking #whopperrito

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Details on the Whopperrito are currently limited, but First We Feast has reached out to Burger King for additional information, and will update this post if and when a response is received.