Ever since Zola captivated the Internet with her tweetstorm of murder, mayhem, and "hoeism" last year, Twitter has become an unexpected venue for narrative story-telling, with users spinning wild, 140-character tales based in both fiction and fact. Earlier this week, a man using the handle @mileskwhitmore claimed to live-tweet his experience after the boyfriend of a girl he had been fooling around with almost caught them cheating.

Armed with only a Capri Sun and some Popeyes, Miles' heroic journey seemed to channel R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet, and was retweeted thousands of times throughout the week.

But alas, it seems the story was too good to be true. On Friday, Miles tweeted that "no cheating occurred in this elaborate Twitter story," while thanking his "cast" and using the hashtag #GetMilesOnEllen. "Did they notice the flaw that I could've easily left when they left???" he wrote.

Yes, but with a Capri Sun and some Popeyes on hand, why would he want to?

[via @mileskwhitmore]