4/20 might be over, but that doesn't mean you have to wait a whole year to try some of the best junk food around. Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and lucky for us, some evil geniuses have created a seven-pound breakfast taco to help ring in the holiday—or, more accurately, make it through the day after.

Aptly named the "Seis de Mayo Hangover Remedy," the taco was created by New York's El Original in honor of that inevitable headache millions of Americans are going to experience the morning after Cinco de Mayo. According to a rep for the restaurant, the taco includes a pound of sausage, a pound of potatoes, one pound of bacon, one pound of refried beans, one pound of Fajita vegetables, twelve eggs, 8-ounces of pico de gallo, 4-ounces of queso fresco and 8-ounces of salsa—all (somehow) stuffed into one 12-inch tortilla. 

Basically, you could feed a small village with this taco, and we want to see someone eat the whole thing all by themselves. Someone better call Matt Stonie.  

[via Foodbeast]