For most stoners, the munchies are simply a pleasant byproduct of getting high—a small detour on the journey rather than the final destination. But for Riff Raff, the Houston-raised rapper who recently tacked on more than 50 pounds of muscle, smoking weed was actually a way of kickstarting his appetite in the hopes of getting ripped.

For too long pot has been associated with slackers and burn-outs, when in reality gymrats could have been pairing bong rips with calorie-loads for years now. “The key is just to eat and work out,” said Riff Raff, who at one point recruited Hulk Hogan to help him climb to another weight class“Weed makes you hungry." Gearing up for the release of his sophomore album on June 24, blunts have become an indispensable dietary supplement for the recent Hot Ones champ

Riff Raff has repeatedly punched above his weight in the rap-game, too. Over the course of his career, he's gone through a mind-boggling series of transformations, from MTV reality star, to partnering with Dirt Nasty and Andy Milonakis for the semi-satirical hip-hop group, Three Loco. Today, he dresses in an assortment of pink tailored suits and calls himself the “Peach Panther.” It’s difficult to imagine given his colorful persona, but before the neck tattoos and cornrows, Riff Raff almost never got high, turning it down for much of his life.

“[I only started smoking] within the last three or four years,” he explains. “I didn’t like it in high school. I played basketball, and when my friends would smoke weed I’d roll the window down and hold my head out the window.”

Still, since launching his rap career, Riff Raff has become a connoisseur of stoner snacks, with his Instagram account serving as a treasure trove of lavish seafood dishes, mall food-court mayhem, and edible concoctions of his own creation.

The question with all munchies is simple: Cop or nah? Here, Riff Raff weighs in on what eat to when getting high and getting swole.