So far this year, doughnuts and pizza have been two of the food groups most affected by Internet virality. In 2016, fried dough has been tricked out to incorporate everything from bone-marrow filling to wild cherry Slurpee frosting to tequila-infused platinum flakes. For pizzas, the transformation has been more Escher-esque, with chefs creating “inception” pies by crafting pizzas within pizzas within pizzas, ad infinitum. And beyond that, the rainbow food craze has been infecting grilled-cheese sandwiches and bagels for months.

Now, the inevitable has finally happened. Last week, thanks to Manhattan’s Cinnamon Snail, a host of new viral food trends cross-pollinated to form a vegan “Inception Doughnut.” Officially dubbed the “Sparkle Dazzle Rainbow Doughnut,” the culinary amalgamation is filled with maple-raspberry filling and topped with a handful of miniature doughnuts. From there, even smaller frosted doughnuts are stacked on top of those. 

"InceptionRemember that movie?" the Cinnamon Snail wrote in an Instagram post. "Well, we made a donut that is basically that movie, except happier."

Though the Cinnamon Snail boasts that the creation features 13 doughnuts in one, according to Gothamist the smaller doughnuts are actually made from sugar cookies and “Cheerio-type cereal.” Still, the pastry gets its point across.

On Instagram, Cinnamon Snail’s chef, Adam Sobel, divulged the secret behind his creation.

“How do we make these special donuts you ask?” he said. “A gaggle of wild unicorns stampedes through our Brooklyn culinary cloud castle at night (don’t worry, that’s totally ok with the D.O.H.), and sprinkles magical unicorn dust on regular donut flavored donuts, to cause a chain reaction, where the “teddy-bear-man” comes down from his rainbow wizard ward to transform the united states into a kingdom of happy rainbows from sea to shining sea.”

Well, there you have it. We're all doomed. 

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