This could be worth the clogged arteries.

Last weekend, during the Vegas Uncork'd food festival in Nevada, the fast-food visionaries at Shake Shack unveiled a new creation called "The Crackle Burger.” According to Foodbeast’s Isai Rocha, the burger, which debuted at the festival’s Ultimate Comforts & Classics Affair, combined house-made pork rinds with the restaurant’s classic Angus beef patties. The pork rinds were marinated in malt vinegar powder and piled on the burger along with slices of American cheese and, of course, a heavy helping of the restaurant's special sauce. (We’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor.)

While Shake Shack’s general manager in Las Vegas told Foodbeast the burger was made specifically for Uncork'd, it’s also possible the item might be added to the regular menu at some point.

Over the years, as Shake Shack has expanded its purview past the five boroughs, its entrenched itself in new cities by offering local takes on its classic burger. As Grubstreet notes, the chain used a jalapeño-cheese sausage in Austin (The Lockhart Link), and introduced a French dip-themed burger in Los Angeles (The Roadside Double), in honor of Philippe the Original. So, with that in mind, The Crack Burger begs the question: Do pork rinds have a special history in Las Vegas?

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