Pamela Anderson has a message for burger joints everywhere: Stop naming sandwiches after her.

The former Baywatch actress and honorary PETA director was initially “amused to hear” that Wayne's Burger Star, a restaurant chain in Brazil, had dubbed one of its sandwiches the “Pamela Anderson.” But once she found out the item contained chicken, bacon and cheese, her amusement quickly morphed into blind vegan rage.

“I haven't eaten chickens or pigs since I learned that they spend their short lives crowded into filthy sheds and are often conscious when their throats are slit at the slaughterhouse,” Anderson said in a letter to the restaurant’s owner, going from zero to 100 real quick. “Cows on dairy farms spend years being forcibly impregnated, having their babies taken from them immediately after birth, and producing 10 times more milk than they would naturally—all before they're ground up for burgers, once their bodies are spent.”

Anderson concluded by saying she’d be happy to have her name attached to an all-vegan burger, but until that time comes, she’d like her name to be removed from the restaurant’s menu.

Wayne’s also offers burgers and sandwiches named after almost 40 other celebrities, including The Kim Kardashian, The Will Smith, The Arnold Schwarzenegg and The Brad Pitt. And while Anderson chose to single out Wayne’s on Wednesday, other restaurants around the world have also named their meat-filled creations after her.

Last month, Mum’s Burger Kitchen in Australia unveiled a behemoth of a sandwich called the Pamela Anderson Burger. The sandwich included two grilled beef patties, two fried chicken schnitzel breast filets, six slices of melted American cheese, and four maple bacon rashers. “How could I name this beauty anything other than The Pamela Anderson Burger?” a post on Mum's Facebook read.

We’re guessing Pam isn’t going to be too pleased when she hears about this....