These days, it feels like it's always one step forwards, two step backwards for the iconic New York bagel, which has plummeted into a state of decline recently. For every new-school appetizing shop and Montreal expat bringing renewed craftsmanship to the bagel business, there's some schmohawk churning out rainbow-hued monstrosities filled with funfetti cream-cheese.

The degradation of bagel purity continues apace in New Jersey with the introduction of the so-called “Oreo Overload.”

Bagel Nook​—a New Jersey mainstay already well-versed in the art of wild, “micro batch” cream cheese flavors like maple bacon, birthday cake, and jalapeño​ cheddar—is the behind this do-it-for-the-'gram breakfast indulgence. The Oreo Overload features a vanilla-chocolate swirl bagel, a heavy dose of cookies and cream cream cheese, and massive Oreo chunks sandwiched right in the middle. It looks like customers can also substitute some Nutella cream cheese if they’re feeling extra-adventurous.


oreo bagel with Nutella cream cheese are what dreams are made of @the_bagel_nook #sweetsandsunsets @sweetsandsunsets

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The humble bagel is just the latest beloved foodstuff to be infected with the scourge of Instagram influence, which dictates that a dish lives and dies not by its taste, but rather by it's social-media reach. The dissection shot, in which a bagel sandwich is pried open to reveal its gooey interior, has become a #foodporn staple, encouraging overstuffed fillings rather than the tried-and-true proportions of a classic egg and cheese. Meanwhile, the rainbow bagel has spread its color-splashed STD to other unimprovable foodstuffs like the grilled cheese.

When it comes to mashups foods, we can't help but think that doughnuts were always a better bedfellow for Oreos than bagels...


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