Earlier this month, drug smugglers were caught trying to sneak 1,432 pounds of marijuana across the U.S.-Mexico border by stuffing the contraband in more than 2,000 coconuts. One week earlier, $600,000 worth of cocaine was found hidden in a shipment of frozen fish in New York City. Cramming narcotics into various foodstuffs is never as slick as criminals think (both attempts ended in arrests), but that doesn’t stop them from trying time and time again.

Over the weekend, Customs and Border Protection officers in Tucson, Arizona discovered two packaged burritos filled with more than a pound of meth, valued at roughly $3,000. Authorities found the contraband with the help of drug-sniffing canines after stopping a 23-year-old woman who was attempting to cross the border by foot.

The border was clearly swarming with amateur drug smugglers this week. Shortly after discovering the meth-laced Tex-Mex, officers seized 28 pounds—valued at $311,00—in the back of a man’s truck. A few days earlier, an additional 24 pounds of cocaine, 10 pounds of meth, and $54,000 worth of heroin were discovered as well.

When the CBP seized the cocaine-filled coconuts earlier this month, the agency gloated that the "smuggler put marijuana in the coconut instead of the lime" on Twitter. This time, the CBP said its officers were just "hungry."

[via Eater]