While some struggling fast-food chains like Chipotle have opted to hand out free burritos and guac to win back customers' affection, McDonald's Japan has decided to take a much different approach. Earlier this month, the company announced a new competition where fans could win a carton of French fries made out of real gold. Customers were prompted to download a smartphone app, snap photos of objects that resemble fries in their homes, and then filter the images so they appear as if they're in McDonald's packaging. 

Now the fast-food chain appears to be doubling-down on their golden promotion, this time offering Japanese fans a chance to win an 18-karat gold Chicken McNugget.

According to Rocket News 24, customers are being asked to participate in a scavenger hunt of sorts, following McDonald's social media accounts for clues, and searching restaurant locations throughout Japan in the hopes of finding the “Mysterious Nugget Thief." From the looks of the press release, the "Mysterious Nugget Thief" appears to be a middle-aged man in a yellow suit, a top hat, and a Zorro mask, and customer's are supposed to reveal his identity on Twitter. 

While the promotion is meant to align with the launch of two new dipping sauces—Fruit Curry and Creamy Cheese​—they're also coming in the wake of some major food scandals for McDonald's Japan. The fast-food chain's annual sales took a major hit last year after a human tooth was found in an order of fries in Osaka, and plastic was found in an ice cream sundae, according to the Wall Street Journal. The company's Japanese affiliate was also accused of purchasing expired meat from China's Shanghai Husi Food Co.

Rocket News 24 speculates that the Golden Arches are now hoping gold will help "woo back customers with an irresistible offer." 

[via Rocket News 24]