The next time your significant other asks you to run out to the store, just remember that a modern day Romeo named Mike Johnston once traveled a total of 870 miles to bring his wife 15 buckets of KFC.

Fifteen years ago, when Johnston married his wife Angela Hovak in Nunavut, Canada, the couple blessed their friends and family with 500 pieces of fried chicken. As time went by, the feast turned into an annual tradition. But when the “neglected” KFC in Yellowknife shutdown in 2015, Johnston and his son were forced to drive 700 kilometers (or 435 miles) to the nearest location, spending roughly $600 on food and gas in order to keep the tradition alive.

“This year was the most difficult one to plan," Angela told the CBC in April. "But my husband didn't hesitate.”

Johnston did the entire trip in one day, and even tried to get some frozen fried chicken to save for later.

“[It was] worth every penny," Johnson said. "We have to keep traditions alive. Fifteen years. Why stop now?"

Earlier this year, KFC in the U.K. offered couples cand-lit dinners and "date-night table service" on Valentine’s Day. Who knew true love could be found at the bottom of a bucket of chicken? 

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