DJ Khaled has come a long way from his daily egg whites and turkey bacon breakfasts. Now, the social media kingpin has switched to a breakfast as luxurious as his lifestyle—fruit salad mixed with Belaire Luxe champagne.

"They don't want you to have a luxury life," Khaled explains in an Instagram video posted Monday, pouring the champagne over the bowl of melon cubes and grapes. "The key is to have a luxury breakfast." 

May has been a big month for the Miami producer and Hot Ones champ. Just last week, Khaled inked a deal with Dussé—the cognac brand already aligned with his new manager, Jay-Z—declaring himself the company's reigning "Dussé Don." And on Saturday, the We The Best founder announced on Instagram yet another beverage partnership with Luc Belaire, the wine company known for supplying Rick Ross with his signature rosé​.​

"It's the white gold," he says in the video."Liquid gold." 

According to Khaled, the champagne also has "notes of honeysuckle, peach, apricot and citrus," which, to be honest, makes it sounds like it actually would go well with a bowl of fruit salad. 

[via Instagram/DJ Khaled]