These days, nothing gets folks talking about your new music more than a casually hilarious reference to a popular fast-casual restaurant. Beyoncé sang about rewarding good sex with a trip to Red Lobster, and Cheddar Bay Biscuit sales soared. Drake rapped about romantic strife at Cheesecake Factory, and the memes exploded.

Yesterday, amid all the anticipation of Chance the Rapper's album release, Kanye made an energetic cameo on Schoolboy Q's "THat Part":

"That part" that everyone seems to be talking about is the quinessentially absurd line, "Beggars can't be choosers / Bitch, this ain't Chipotle." The lyric is as catchy as it is enigmatic: Are beggars really able to be choosers at Chipotle? Last time we begged for free guac, we were summarily shut down. And unless Machine Gun Kelly is working the counter, any request for an extra scoop of chicken will probably earn you a blank stare.

We'll have to wait for Genius to decode this one. In the mean time, Twitter was off to the races with reactions.

Most people were thrilled.

Others were confused.

And some wondered if Yeezy is getting paid by Chipotle.

With all of its recent woes, Chipotle is likely happy to be mentioned in the same breath as Nori's dad, not the norovirus.