Drake is dominating the charts this week. First, the rapper’s most recent LP, VIEWS, was streamed a record 245.1 million times since its release last month, becoming the number one album in the country on Monday. Then, the hit single “One Dance” secured the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100—a first for the artist. And as if that weren’t enough, the cherry on top was an hour-long conversation with legendary interviewer Nardwuar, who presented Drake with a congratulatory Mac Dre bobblehead.

But there’s yet another reason for Drake to be celebrating today. His beloved Cheesecake Factory, which he recently immortalized on the track “Child's Play,” was named America’s favorite casual dining restaurant by Nation’s Restaurant News. The publication’s annual Consumer Picks survey gathered 4,805 responses from restaurant-goers about their dining experiences in 2015—and the chain came out on top yet again. While there’s only been 10 confirmed Drake sightings at Cheesecake Factory over the years—and the company has yet to expand into Toronto—we have a feeling he’d agree with the high marks the restaurant earned for food quality, cleanliness, and reputation, which were the main criteria judged in the survey.

“Being number two is just being the first to lose,” Drake once rapped. But even though we already know who’s number one, here, for good measure, are this year’s top five casual-dining restaurants in the U.S.: