Chances are you've never considered blowtorching a defenseless woodland creature for dinner. But on the off chance that you have, let this story be a lesson to you.

A woman in Holland, Michigan is being sued for $2 million dollars after her boyfriend caused a massive, 32-unit apartment complex fire in 2012 while attempting to cook a squirrel on the couple's deck. Even though the woman, Barbara Pellows, was asleep during the time of the rodent roast, she's being held responsible because she's liable under the lease agreement she signed, WZZM reports

Pellows boyfriend, Khek Chanthalavong​. was using the torch to remove the fur from the squirrel, but when he went inside to cook animal the flame caught a plastic planter on fire, causing the massive blaze. 

Originally, Pellows was ordered to pay only $15,400 in damages, but this week a three-judge panel decided that she's required to pay the full $2 million for the “fur-burning escapade.’’ 

"Because defendant signed the lease agreement, she is presumed to have read and understood its contents,’’ the justices wrote.

Attempting to cooking furry animals at home rarely turns out well. Earlier this month, a man in Arizona was arrested for burning the family dog in a barbecue. According to Grub Street, Patrick Zane Thompson threw the dog in his Raging Cajun Smoking BBQ food truck because he was upset by a t-shirt his daughter had been wearing. After the man was arrested, he reportedly tried to convince his family that the devil made him do it. 

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