The drive-thru window at American fast-food restaurants is one of the best places to observe odd one-on-one interactions. Sometimes customers will receive free dance lessons, but other times the window spawns extremely heated exchanges that call to mind a nighclub coat check at closing time.

For an example of the latter, look no further than this Del Taco in Peoria, AZ, where a manager tore into two customers for asking for more sauce. You can watch the entire expletive-laden interaction below.


According to ABC 13 in Las Vegas, there are few details about what preceded the manager's outburst, other than the customers' alleged need for condiments. The manager, after flipping off the customers and walking away from the camera, then comes back to the window and launches into a tirade about how the customers are holding up the people behind them.

ABC 13 breaks down the argument:

I don't give a [expletive], bro," the manager says in the video. "Seriously, go ahead alright. Where you going to post it, YouTube? No one's going to [expletive] see it."

The manager then asks who the video will be sent to, to which a woman responds, Your boss, duh."

I am the boss. My dad is actually the [expletive] owner so good luck with that," the manager responds.

Unfortunately, for the Del Taco manager, the clip made it to Vimeo and Facebook, and then went viral. ABC 13 reports that the fast-food chain promptly fired the worker, despite his confidence that pops would have his back.

As always, everything ends up on the Internet, and the odder and more belligerent the subject, the quicker it will blow up on social media.

[via ABC 13]