It’s no secret that the Internet is heavily monitored in communist China. But now, in an absurdist turn even George Orwell couldn’t have seen coming, the Chinese government is hoping to ban live streams that feature women who “eat bananas seductively” on camera.

The ban is just the country’s latest crackdown on "inappropriate and erotic" content online, according to the BBC.

“China’s burgeoning online live streaming scene is increasingly giving cyber authorities more ethical and regulatory dilemmas as web hosts push the bounds of ‘acceptability’ to increase their viewership,” China Central Television, the country’s state-owned news broadcaster, reported Thursday. “Last month, the country’s Ministry of Culture announced that all of the major platforms—Douyu,, YY, Zhanqi TV, and Huya were under investigation. It said that these platforms were accused of hosting content that was too vulgar, violent, or too sexual.”

Fellating phallic-shaped fruits apparently falls under the category of “too sexual,” but so does the practice of “predominantly attractive women showing their cleavage,” according to CCTV.

The BBC notes that some citizens have taken to Chinese social media to criticize the new ban, wondering aloud how exactly the rule will be enforced, and if eating bananas online will also be taboo for men.

As one user points out, the new ban is less than iron-clad.

“They will all start eating cucumbers,” the person wrote. “And if that's no good, yams.”

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