You might know Chevy Woods as a key rapper in Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, or even as a strip-club food connoisseur. But when the crew hits the road, he flips into his "Chefy Woods" alias, becoming the clique’s in-squad chef.

“They know what I can cook, and there's not really too many things I can't make,” the Pittsburgh-raised artist says, “so I think they accept anything Chefy Woods serves up.” To that end, you might find Chevy breaking out the grill during impromptu tour bus pitstops and charring up “shrimp, corn on the cob, burgers, hotdogs, chicken, and salmon sometimes” for the team, which also includes Juicy J, SosaMann, J.R. Donato, and stoner gawd, Berner.

Taking on a dual role as both hip-hop artist and kitchen manager is something that sets Chevy and the Taylor Gang apart from the world of showbiz rappers relying on personal chefs. Rick Ross might have Chef Amaris Jones to tend to his every stomach growl, and DJ Khaled demands his daily egg whites are finessed by Chef Dee, but with Chevy commandeering the Taylor Gang’s menu, it turns the meal-time relationship into something close-knit and fraternal.

Fittingly, the roots of Chevy’s role as cook to a band of rappers harks back to the time the Taylor Gang rolled up to the music industry convention South by Southwest. “We kept waking up in the morning and everybody was like, 'What are we eating? When are we eating?'” he explains. “I was like, 'I'm gonna put a stop to that.' So I would would go and buy breakfast foods so that I could at least get the ball rolling." Chefy Woods heeded the call, recounting a menu based around “a lot of cheese-eggs, turkey bacon, and waffles or pancakes, and also home fries.”

So as Chevy finishes up his own solo studio debut album, which will drop this fall, we got him to step into his Chefy Woods persona to drop gems about Wiz's eating habits, how to persuade the Taylor Gang to eat more vegetables, and a Pittsburgh pizza institution that'll have you cutting class.