There's something floating around in the ball pit, and it's not a chicken nugget. 

CBS Pittsburgh reports that two brothers, Otis Pegues and Marlan Byars, were arrested on Monday at a Burger King play area in North Versailles, Pennsylvania. The criminals were gearing up to sell 20 bricks of heroin for $4,600 to an undercover cop, with one of the brother's six-year-old son in tow. Now, Pegues and Byars face drug, conspiracy, and "other related charges." 

“It makes me nervous," a bystander told CBS. "I’ve taken my kids [to the Burger King] before, but I probably won’t be taking them there again.”

In addition to the ball-pit bust, Pegues also sold drugs to undercover officers in the bathroom of Walmart and the sporting-goods department of a K-Mart in recent weeks. According to WPXI, the sting was the result of a three-month-long investigation and could lead to higher-level narcotics arrests in the near future. 

The sad truth is that fast-food restaurants can, and have, served as breeding grounds for illicit activity. Last year, a New York Times article detailed the underground world of drug addiction at a New York City McDonald's where police responded 200 times in 2014.  

[via CBS]