Azealia Banks has been in the news way too much this week, and (predictably) it has nothing to do with her music. First, the New York rapper came out as a Donald Trump supporter on Monday, explaining that the GOP front-runner is "evil like America is evil," and that Hillary Clinton talks to black people "like pets." Then, on Tuesday, Banks took to Twitter to launch a racist tirade against former One Direction star Zayn Malik.

The rant started over Malik's new "Like I Would" music video, which Banks thought looked a little too similar to the visuals for her song "Chasing Time." Banks quickly escalated the beef though, calling Malik (who is British Pakistani) a "hairy curry scented bitch," a "Punjab," and a "Paki."

Twitter wasn't having any of it. Hundreds of users began posting under #curryscentedbitch, proclaiming their Desi pride while turning a racial epithet into a rallying cry for South Asian identity.

Banks later apologized to those she offended on Twitter, but there's a fraught history of first- and second-generation immigrants being ridiculed for their food in Western countries. In a scene from Fresh of the Boat, the ABC comedy based on the memoirs of Eddie Huang, the chef-to-be is seen being teased for bringing a container of noodles to school. Huang's classmates say his food looks like "worms" and "smells nasty," and he later tells his parents to start making him “white people lunch.”