Remember a couple months back when a Yelp employee took to the internet to describe how awful her life was working for the food review start-up? After Talia Jane posted her open letter about homeless coworkers and snack room starvation, she was promptly fired.

But while Jane won't be reaping any of the rewards herself, it looks like her actions did ultimately cause some real, tangible change inside the tech company. According to Eater, Yelp has agreed to raise wages for customer service representatives working at its Eat24 subsidiary from $12.25 to $14 an hour. Employees will also be given 10 extra paid vacation days each year, but it remains to be seen whether the pay bump and benefits will be extended to the rest of the company.

Even though she wont be enjoying that extra $1.75 an hour, Jane still feels like she did some good. "I think my letter acted as a catalyst to enact the changes more immediately, especially since I hadn't heard any of this while I was there," she told Quartz. "It was an immediate ‘This is so great for [Yelp employees], I'm so happy for them,' and then I folded my letter into the mix and laughed out a ‘You're welcome, I guess?'"

In February, after her letter to Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman went viral, Jane received a barrage of heated criticism online, with readers accusing her of asking for handouts and not valuing hard work. The success of the letter should give Jane a sense of vindication, though. If anything, the raised wages just prove that young people do have a voice, and that their complaints are valid. 

"I honestly think when I see negativity it doesn’t even register," Jane told Quartz in February. In the months since the letter was published, she's been seen increasingly more as a "whistleblower" than a whiny millennial. "I feel a much stronger connection to people sending kindness and kind words."


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