Michelin stars and cheap eats are rarely mentioned in the same breath, which is one of the reasons Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan commands such international intrigue. Known as the world’s least expensive Michelin-starred restaurant, the growing dim-sum chain has spread throughout Southeast Asia and Australia, and it’s now setting its sights on its first U.S. location in New York City.

The Village Voice caught up with owner Mak Kwai Pui to get the scoop: Hawaii was originally intended to be the first U.S. outpost, but now NYC is being fast-tracked. He’s currently looking for a local chef who understands the New York market, so that new items that appeal to American tastes (like “high quality beef dishes”) can be added over time. Most importantly, though, the commitment to low prices will remain intact:

Steamer baskets of plump prawn dumplings, Mak’s signature trio of baked buns stuffed with barbecue pork, and Chinese-sausage-stuffed glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf all remain under $5.

In addition, the New York location will have a liquor license to help with those pesky New York rents. The restaurant will be located in the East Village at Fourth Avenue and 10th Street, and the opening is set for September. In the meantime, here’s some dim-sum porn to get you ready:

Pork spare ribs rice 🙌 What are you having for lunch? #timhowanph

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Spinach dumpling with shrimp – one of my personal favorites from Tim Ho Wan! 😋 @timhowan_sydney

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[via Village Voice]