Last May, William “Wobbles’’ Soler, a 500-pound gang leader from the Bronx, was arrested for allegedly running a “high-volume” gun trafficking networking in New York City. Appearing in court on Monday, a slightly lighter Wobbles (he’s lost 60 to 80 pounds in prison, his lawyer says) was caught smuggling a different kind of contraband: snacks.

The New York Post reports that the “tubby, tattooed gangster” was hiding a package of honey-roasted Planters peanuts between his sizeable thigh and the left side of his wheelchair. Back in May, Wobbles’ attorney, Brian Sullivan, speculated that a man of his client’s stature might run into some problems in prison.

“I would think being a very large person would put him at a big disadvantage [in prison] because the cots and the clothing are all not made for somebody that large,” Sullivan told the Post at the time.

In addition to the serious lack of snacks in jail, Wobbles has faced other issues due to his size. He had to enter the courtroom through a special entrance because his extra-large wheelchair wouldn’t fit through the normal doors. During his initial arraignment last year, a judge went as far as to nickname his chair a “loveseat on wheels.”

But is Wobbles really all that different from the rest of us? When you look past the gun-running charges and murder accusations, we can all relate to finding solace in snacks during times of emotional duress, right?

“The charges are large-scale,” Sullivan told the New York Daily News in 2015, unwittingly making yet another pun about his client’s weight. “He’s a regular human being like all of us.”

[via New York Post]