We’ve seen a lot of questionable restaurant break-ins in the past. There was a big-time CEO broke into a fancy restaurant to steal a bottle of vodka, not to mention the Walter White look-alike who held a Starbucks at gunpoint.

Another bizarre addition to the list is the guy who broke into a D.C. Five Guys last week—to make himself some dinner. According to ABC News, the break-in happened on Friday, April 8th. He followed a delivery man into the restaurant, grabbed a fountain drink, and started cooking. The man has yet to be identified. D.C. Crime Solvers are offering a reward of up to $1,000 for a tip that could lead authorities to the man’s arrest, according to the Washington Post.

But that’s not the only offer on the table. Wayback Burger thinks the burglar chose the wrong burger establishment to steal from. Wayback has decided to join in the search for the burglar, offering its own reward to the man if he decides to turn himself in.

John Eucalitto, President of Wayback Burgers explains in a statement,

“As you may be aware, there is a gentleman who broke in and made himself a burger at another restaurant brand last month in the D.C. area and is still at large. To that gentleman, I’d like to say that we all make mistakes – from committing this illegal act to your choice of burgers. I strongly encourage you to do the right thing and turn yourself in right away…After you take accountability for your actions, Wayback Burgers will give you FREE burgers for one year. It’s not too late to turn it around based on what you did. We’ll be keeping an eye on this story.”

With an incentive like that, how could he say no?

[via KUTV]