The NCAA Dunk Contest was held last night, and while there were some pretty spectacular jams, the real winner of the evening was the Internet, which was graced with this clip of Mississippi State guard Craig Sword attempting to dunk over a giant foam pancake-man.

Sword didn’t make it over the pancake, of course. Instead he added some sausage to the pancake’s complete breakfast.

The mascot’s face didn’t show any emotion because, well, it’s made of foam and always looks terrified. The expression fit though, as the pancake tumbled to the ground while Sword hung on the rim laughing.

Dunk contests are big days if you’re a mascot, up there with blood drives and car-lot openings, so we can only imagine how embarrassed and shamed that pancake must have felt.

The event was sponsored by Denny’s, who are probably stoked. No one can remember who won the contest, just that the pancake got flattened.

Needless to say, the maniac who runs the Denny’s Twitter account is all over this.

[via Deadspin]