Action Bronson, Big Body Bes, and Mayhem Lauren are back at it again, traversing the globe, eating delicious food, and getting stoned. This week, Fuck, That’s Delicious heads to Morocco, where Bronson and crew eat more lamb than all the halal trucks in NYC, haggle for some sitars, and drink some very pungent tea.

We’ve all seen how nuts Action goes over food in the States, but wait ’til you see how much fun Bronson and crew have being tourists in a foreign land. The squad starts in Casablanca, where they eat some absurdly good looking couscous and vegetables, before devouring some lamb and sea bass.

From Casablanca the boys head to Marrakesh, where they immediately fall into the maze of the giant Jemaa El-Fnaa Market, which appears to be bustling 24/7. They start with snails, followed by intoxicating eucalyptus tea and more lamb.

During the day, Bronson spends his time shopping for musical instruments, while Bes tries to hustle his way to the best weed Morocco has to offer. The trip ends with, you guessed it, more lamb—this time a head, cooked in the ground. It looks out-of-this-world good.

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[via Viceland]