The only fools involved in the Hamburger Helper mixtape Watch The Stove that debuted on April Fools’ Day are the fools who still haven’t downloaded it. Lefty, the Big Daddy Kane of ground beef, spits hot fire, collaborating with Minnesota rap group Dequexatron X000 and feeding the streets five tracks of culinary rap genius that probably made Action Bronson rethink his career choices.

So when Bobby Raps from Dequexatron X000 had a show in his home state, he decided to bring a little helper with him. According to Pigeons and Planes, when it came time for “Feed the Streets,” the most popular song off Watch The Stove, Lefty hopped up onstage with Bobby and helped get the crowd lit. The video from the show is amazing, and Bobby Raps should probably take Lefty to every show he ever does.

If you still haven’t heard Watch The Stove, please do so immediately. You won’t regret it.

[via Pigeons and Planes]