No matter what you think of the food, Taco Bell’s commitment to convenience cannot be questioned. In the past year, the Tex-Mex chain released several items that allow customers to consume two foods at once (see: the Quesalupa and Quesarito), and rolled out a delivery service to boot.

Now, Taco Bell will allow office workers to order food simply by interacting with a bot in the popular office-communication tool Slack. Here’s how it works, according to The Verge:

Aptly named TacoBot, the software will make use of AI advancements like natural language processing to let users talk with the bot, order food, and even pay for items entirely through Slack. TacoBot can also provide recommendations, answer questions, and organize group office orders. It apparently comes equipped with a “witty personality you’d expect from Taco Bell.”

Whether TacoBot will be good at gossiping about other departments or sharing Kanye memes is yet to be seen. What we know is that it will be able to react to requests, itemize them, and set you up to place your order when you mention “check out.”

For now, Taco Bell’s bot is firmly in the testing stage. Out of Slack’s reported 1.25 million users at more 100 companies (based off a September 2015 FastCompany feature), only those at places like Giphy and Thought Catalog will be able to utilize the service for now.

[via The Verge]