If you think the U.S. and Japan lead the world rankings in food-world tomfoolery, you haven’t been paying attention to the fuckery happening Down Under. Australia has a George Costanza-themed bar; a #problematic Biggie-inspired fried-chicken restaurant; and some of the most insane milkshakes ever made—and that’s just for starters.

The latest addition to the absurdist foodscape: a stoner-food joint called D’Munchies in Sydney that sells items like the “J-Rizzler Chicken N Cheetos Burger” and “Hot Bush Doughnuts” filled with Nutella.

Mashable Australia reports that the munchies HQ is the brainchild of co-owner Richard Chand and head chef David Pyne, who say it took them six months to get the place up and running (how much time was wasted listening to Wiz Khalifa and watching Neighbors, we’ll never know). They unveiled the restaurant this week with special opening hours (“4:20pm–late”) and plenty of marijuana-leaf decals.

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The menu treads the line between crunchy/vegan stoner and sloppy junk-food stoner sensibilities, with options like a pepperoni-pizza pretzel hot dog (sounds promising) and crispy-pumpkin ravioli nachos (fuck outta here).

Whether all this is better than less on-the-nose stoner favorites like Taco Bell and Denny’s is something we’ll have to determine next time we go to Australia. In the meantime, we’d recommend that the D’Munchies bros do some menu research by listening to the real munchies experts.

[via Mashable]