We've seen Brazil turn out wild pizzas topped with everything from cases of beer to live birds, but South Korea is taking its slice showmanship to new heights as well. Thanks to "The Bomb," the latest food craze out of Seoul, you can now set your pie ablaze and watch it smolder right in front of you.

At The Place, an Italian restaurant in Yongsan-gu (which conveniently translates to “Dragon Hill” in English), guests are greeted with what looks like a gigantic ash-covered dinosaur egg. A server sets the massive sphere on fire, allowing the the cheese and sauce to bubble inside. Finally, the waiter carves into the sphere and reveals a freshly-baked pizza. The entire cooking process happens right in front of you. Now that's what we call service.

A flaming ball of dough and mozzarella seems like a huge liability, but let’s be real: “The Bomb” is one of the most 'gram-worthy dishes of all time. That is, assuming you don't burn your face off before you have the chance to take a picture.


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Still, The Huffington Post notes that devouring bizarre pizzas has long been a beloved pastime in South Korea (as it is in many parts of the world, to be fair). Last year, Doha​-based journalist Annette Ekin put together a lengthy feature for Roads & Kingdom showcasing the “weird and wonderful world” of South Korean 'za, where even Domino’s sells pies topped with off-piste combinations like cheesecake mousse and shrimp.

“[In South Korea, pizza] can have figs and snails; sweet potato crusts; sausage, calamari, and cream cheese,” Ekin wrote. “It certainly wouldn’t be entirely unthinkable to put all of these ingredients together.”

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