This week in arrests you might not have seen coming, footage of Chinese police officers arresting a statue of Ronald McDonald in Guangzhou, China went viral. According to Rocket News 24, the men were asked to remove the statue for causing an “obstruction.” Unfortunately for the police officers, Ronald McDonald didn’t want to leave his perch, so they had to detach him from his shoes, leaving the then footless Ronald without his iconic clown kicks.

In other news, the co-founders of Ben and Jerry’s also got nabbed by the 5-0 this week. CNN reports that the ice-cream–making duo were among the 300 people arrested in a Washington D.C. “Democracy Awakening” protest. In response to the arrests, Ben and Jerry’s has posted a page on its website explaining the situation. As they tell it, they wanted to show that everyone in the U.S. should have the opportunity to get involved in the fight for justice.

Previously, co-founder Ben Cohen created a Bernie Sanders-inspired flavor of ice cream, dubbed “Bernie’s Yearning,” to show his support for the candidate. The ice cream was a hit, as Cohen distributed free pints to patrons around New York City.

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