Looks like everything is getting the rainbow treatment these days, including the grilled cheese.

Ever since the tie-dyed “rainbow bagel” went viral earlier this year, people can’t seem to stop transforming perfectly good foodstuffs into uncomfortably colorful creations. Not every meal needs to look like it came out of a unicorn who couldn’t keep down a meal of Play-Doh, but that isn’t stopping one Hong Kong restaurant. According to Cosmopolitan, Kala Toast is now serving a very Instagrammable “gooey pile of Lisa Frank-dyed cheese” for about $5.

Kala’s rainbow grilled cheese features four different colors of cheese. Unlike the rainbow bagel and doughnut, each color represents a different flavor: blue is lavender, green is basil, red is tomato, and the bright yellow is a mix of four cheeses (and likely a ton of food coloring). Altogether, you’re actually eating a lavender-basil-tomato-four cheese grilled cheese, which sounds like it could work.  

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Blogger @hkfoodiexblogger dropped a review on Instagram, noting that the basil flavor “was the most outstanding one” and that the quality of the grilled cheese “was rather average,” but that there was no denying how photogenic it is. And getting the ‘gram at the end of the day probably is the sandwich’s biggest appeal. We now live in an era where the food can be mediocre as long as it photographs well (i.e., the ramen burger).

While the colorful sandwich is currently available only in Hong Kong, no doubt someone will soon knock it off stateside—and maybe even throw it in a rainbow bagel for good measure.

[via Cosmopolitan]