Smut-seekers got a little bit of a surprise this morning when they logged onto PornHub and found steamed, grilled, and smoked corn instead of X-rated videos. The porn giants switched up their whole website and transformed into CornHub for the day, taking full advantage of their ability to clown millions of masturbators on April Fools’ Day.

PornHub turned its homepage into a corn-lover’s dark, twisted fantasy, adding videos with titles like “Hard Shucking Like You’ve Never Seen” and “Got Caught Husking on the Porch.” The videos are real, and you can absolutely watch a 45 minute video of someone shucking corn, but that’s really weird, so probably don’t do that.

You can, of course, click past the CornHub facade and continue to the real NSFW stuff, but maybe you’ll rethink your lust and head to the kitchen instead. No lie: Some of those videos show some pretty delicious-looking corn.

And while PornHub went from edgy to tame, the guys over at Sixpoint brewery in New York tried to trick people into believing they would be releasing some THC-infused weed-beer. Sixpoint calls the fake buzzy bev’s “Herbeverages,” which come in three fake flavors: “Hi-Dro” “Indoe” and “Keef.”

Look for a full release of the fake weed-beer on 4/20, and look for PornHub to go back to normal in the morning (we hope).