We’ve given you the illustrated history of pizza in America, but you should never stop learning about the Internet’s favorite food. PBS Idea Channel has a handy primer that breaks down everything you need to know about the history of pizza in just 15 minutes.

The video details the food’s introduction into the United States, covering the tensions between New York– and Chicago–style slices, as well as the popularity of a delivery pie.

The clip is packed with good info that you can break out next time you’re at the parlor, but if you’re in a hurry, here are some of the takeaway points:

Neapolitan pizza was originally considered food for the poor.

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In 18th-century Naples, Italy’s Neapolitan pizza was as basic as it gets. The pizza was made with the staple ingredients such as bread, tomatoes, and cheese and considered to be a food for lower-class citizens. The Neapolitan pizza we know today is characterized by its thin crust and simple toppings.

Lombardi’s in New York was the first pizza restaurant in the United States.

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Before Domino’s and Pizza Hut, there was the United State’s OG pizzeria: Lombardi’s. The restaurant started off as a grocery store before evolving into a pizza restaurant.

Pizza’s popularity is due in part to globalization.

No matter what tourist trap you end up in while traveling the world, there is a good chance you will find a place that serves pizza. Different countries have brought their own take on the food, like Japan, which has added toppings like ramen and shrimp to its pies. Even Americanized pizza wouldn’t have taken hold in the U.S. without immigration. After all, it was the GI’s stationed in Italy during World War II that brought the love for pizza home.

Domino’s popularized pizza delivery

Technically, the first pizza was delivered in1889, but it wasn’t until Domino’s started delivering pies in 1961 that the phenomenon of delivery pizza took off. Now, pizza can be delivered via text, apps, or even emojis.

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