While George Costanza cowered in fear in front of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld, Angelenos felt a similar terror for the past 20 years in the presence of Kazunori Nozawa.

Known informally as the Sushi Nazi, Nozawa earned a cult-like following for his refusal to accommodate guests' special requests and penchant for removing people from his restaurant. "It bothers me when people don't pay attention to what they are eating, or when they say that they are allergic to something simply to avoid trying it," Nozawa told First We Feast back in 2015. That's to say nothing of the fish, which was considered top-notch by L.A.'s fooderati. 

Now the notorious sushi chef is bringing his brand of sushi swagger to Gramercy in NYC, where he'll be opening Sugarfish and KazuNori, according to Eater. This is a breakthrough for East Coast sushi fans, who aren't accustomed to the type of high-quality, $40 omakase menus Angelenos regularly live off of. In a city that loves its sushi stars (see: Nakazawa), it will be interesting to see how the mid-range option appeals to enthusiasts—and whether those famously reasonable prices will creep up as a result NYC rents. 

[via Eater]